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Our no win, no fee policy means that most personal injury claims have no upfront fees.

Superannuation is compulsory for all workers to help fund their retirement. A portion of your salary, currently 11%, is paid by your employer into a super fund that invests the money on your behalf. Most super funds also provide other entitlements in the form of insurance policies. This may include Total and Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD), Income Protection (IP) and Life Insurance. These policies are not obligatory and are separate from your accumulated superannuation account balance. 

If you can no longer work due to injury or illness, these insurance policies may provide additional financial security for you and your family. In certain circumstances, you may also qualify for the early release of superannuation.

Many workers may be unaware of their entitlements as they have been signed up to policies by default. Our expert superannuation lawyers at Carbone Lawyers can assist workers with accessing their TPD and IP insurance through a superannuation or life insurance policy provided by an employer or a union organisation or purchased through a bank or other financial institution.

The superannuation insurance lawyers at Carbone Lawyers have helped thousands of workers navigate complex claims and achieve successful outcomes. They will guide you through the procedure and keep you informed each step of the way.

Superannuation Death Benefit

Every superannuation fund has a death benefit paid to the nominated beneficiary, usually a surviving partner and dependants, or to the deceased’s estate. The payment includes the account balance plus any insurance benefits that apply.

Following the death of someone close to you, the process of claiming their superannuation and insurance benefits can be an emotionally difficult and confronting experience. Carbone Lawyers has a team of highly experienced superannuation lawyers who will handle the whole claim process on your behalf.

Accessing Superannuation before retirement

There are some limited circumstances where the Australian Government will allow early access to your super on compassionate grounds, such as medical treatment, temporary or permanent disability or a terminal illness.

The early release of superannuation is subject to strict conditions and may impact your ability to claim other benefits. The superannuation team at Carbone Lawyers can advise you on your likely eligibility and available options.