Tony Carbone

From major business concerns to the most sensitive of personal injury claims, Tony Carbone, Managing Partner of Carbone Lawyers, is here to help you!

Tony has been practising for more than 30 years and acts passionately for clients across the full spectrum of legal services offered by Carbone Lawyers.

Tony is currently a member of the TAC Legal Policy Committee, where he relentlessly represents the best interests of TAC injury victims who have been hurt on the road. The TAC Board deals with issues of road safety and compensation management, which Tony is highly passionate about.

Tony has also recently been appointed to the Board of the Essendon North Traders’ Association, where he represents the interests of local traders in the area. Tony strives to improve services, accessibility, interactions, and the sharing of contacts and knowledge between Traders.

Until recently, Tony also served as a board member for the Bully Zero Foundation, where he oversaw considerable growth of the Foundation. Focusing on protecting children from the dangers of bullying and cyberbullying, Tony also warned against the dangers of workplace bullying in this role.

Today, Tony is committed to combatting the emotional and financial toll that workplace bullying takes on our society through his work at Carbone Lawyers. In his Business Development role, Tony frequently liaises with employer groups on matters relating to occupational health and safety. First and foremost, these discussions focus on protecting employees against bullying and workplace accidents.

In doing this, Tony also advises organisations on the severe impact that bullying behaviour and OH&S breaches could have on their reputation, and the best way to protect their corporate brand.

Passionate about clear communication, Tony was also the host of the weekly Personal Injury Law show for over 10 years which aired on Channel 31 and continues to air on the Aurora Community Channel on Foxtel.

Outside of his extensive contributions to the legal industry, Tony has also held a position on the Pancare Advisory Committee. The Pancare Foundation was established to combat pancreas, liver, biliary, and other related cancers, a cause which Tony is extremely passionate about.

Tony continues to act as an advisor to community groups and members of the public on matters of significance relating to the law and frequently appears in the media, including on both TV and radio, to discuss and provide expert commentary on important legal issues.