Elio Mirabella

When you work with a team of lawyers, you want to know that you have the best people representing you. With more than 15 years of management experience, Elio Mirabella is the people person who ensures you have the finest lawyers on your side.

As Head of People & Culture at Carbone Lawyers, Elio is responsible for HR strategy, workforce policy and planning, talent acquisition and retention, mental health and wellbeing, learning and development, performance and rewards, leadership coaching, and the overall employment value proposition.

Elio brings extensive experience to the role, having worked in and led HR teams in Health, Manufacturing, and Professional Services industries. His HR career includes leadership positions with BUPA, MSS Security, Wilmar Sugar, and most recently, the Royal Children’s Hospital.

In his roles, Elio has successfully negotiated enterprise agreements, overseen major transformation projects, and implemented significant process and system improvements.

Elio is passionate about partnering with businesses to achieve great outcomes for their people. Fostering an engaged, diverse, and inclusive workforce, Elio drives a high-performing company culture that employees and their clients will benefit from. He prides himself on achieving great outcomes by creating strong learning environments, all while having a great time!