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Challenging a Will can be a complex situation, at what is often already an extremely emotional time. You must seek reliable legal advice as soon as possible from a Will dispute lawyer so you know exactly where you stand. Below, is info on how our lawyers for Will disputes can help you if you are seeking a fair outcome in regards to a deceased estate. 

Carbone Lawyers has been representing clients in Melbourne for over 30 years, building a reputation for relentlessly pursuing justice and conducting all legal matters with respect, integrity and compassion. We have a highly experienced and skilled team that is driven to achieve the very best outcomes for our clients. Our expertise includes personal injury law, wills and probate, and commercial law. 

If you are dealing with a deceased estate dispute, here is how our lawyers for Will disputes can help.

What Our Estate Dispute Lawyers Can Help With

There are many reasons a Will can be challenged and if you wish to lodge a claim you only have six months from the Grant of Probate to do it – so having strong legal representation will put you in the best position to achieve a fair outcome. 

Our lawyers for Will disputes not only have the skills and experience that will ensure you are in good hands but also understand that it can be a stressful and upsetting time – we will approach all matters respectfully and with compassion. We will take the time to truly listen, explain all options available to you and keep you informed every step of the way. 

When it comes to deceased estates and Will disputes, our estate dispute lawyers can help with the following: 

  • Providing accurate advice on where you stand and the likelihood of a fairer outcome if you intend to challenge a Will 
  • Assisting executors and beneficiaries with the probate and administration of a high-value estates
  • Assisting if assets and entitlements of an estate have not been administered appropriately

Who Can Lawyers For Will Disputes Help? 

Children, spouses and other family members of a deceased person may be able to dispute a Will. When it comes to people outside the family disputing a Will, they will need to be able to demonstrate that they had a close and meaningful relationship with the deceased.

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If you want to challenge a Will and want to know the best course of action to take, speak with one of our lawyers for Will disputes. Call 1800 369 888 or fill out our online enquiry form and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

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