What Is Personal Injury Law?


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When you’ve been injured, lodging claims and paperwork only makes things worse. At Carbone Lawyers, we manage the whole process so you can just focus on your recovery.

No Win, No Fee

Our no win, no fee policy means that most personal injury claims have no upfront fees.

There are many areas of law and finding someone who is an expert in the area you need legal assistance with is important to ensure you get the best advice for you and your circumstances.

If you have been injured you may want to know more about ‘what is personal injury law?’ and how a personal injury lawyer may be able to help you. Below we provide some information on what a personal injury lawyer can do for you and why getting legal advice will help you get the best outcome. 

Carbone Lawyers has been delivering great outcomes for our clients for over 30 years.

We have a team of personal injury experts lead by personal injury specialist John Karantzis, who has more than 20 years of experience in Personal Injury Law & Litigation.

Here is what a personal injury lawyer handles and how our team can help you with compensation for your injury.

What Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Handle?

What does a personal injury lawyer handle will depend on each case and the requirements of the client but what a personal injury lawyer can do for you includes: 

  • Advising you of your rights with respect to your eligibility to make a claim and what your compensation entitlements may be (e.g. compensation for medical expenses, lost income or for the pain and suffering caused by your injury)
  • Building your case/evidence with a focus on ensuring you receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to
  • Negotiating on your behalf 

Personal injury cases can sometimes be complex, whether it involves your workplace, a transport accident, medical negligence, public/product liability or a dust disease – so it’s important to ensure you get accurate advice from someone who understands all facets of personal injury law. 

We understand that it can be tough navigating life when you have been injured and we are passionate about doing what we can to ensure you get the compensation you deserve, to make life easier for you.

That is what a personal injury lawyer can do for you and what our team of personal injury experts have done for so many clients.

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