What is a Commercial Lawyer?


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If you would like to know ‘what is a commercial lawyer?’ we provide you with the information below on what commercial lawyers do and what makes a good commercial lawyer. 

At Carbone Lawyers, we have over 30 years of experience and have a team that specialises in commercial law across a wide range of sectors and industries.

We pride ourselves on offering our clients strategic advice and legal expertise that will achieve the very best outcome for them.

Here is what commercial lawyers do and what makes a good commercial lawyer:

What Does A Commercial Lawyer Do? 

What a commercial lawyer does is provide corporate legal services and strategic advice to businesses and organisations designed to minimise risk, maximise profit and ensure compliance.

This can include: 

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (including planning, strategy, execution and implementation)
  • Corporate Reconstructions
  • Joint Ventures
  • Equity and debt transactions
  • Development, operation and financing of significant businesses and projects
  • Commercial advisory services (including corporate strategy, risk management, commercial transactions and Government and compliance requirements)
  • Commercial litigation, strategic negotiation and highly complex and sensitive dispute resolution (including building and construction disputes, insurance disputes, IP litigation, corporate and regulatory litigation and competition litigation)

With our in-house capabilities, comprehensive network and extensive experience and resources we can act for national and multinational clients in large-scale commercial litigation settings.

What Makes A Good Commercial Lawyer?

What makes a good commercial lawyer is one that has a relentless, responsive, strategic and professional approach to your legal matters built around maintaining a long term relationship. 

We also believe that what makes a good commercial lawyer is what our commercial litigation specialists focus on when it comes to protecting your best interests: 

  1. Sensitive and strategic negotiation and risk management 
  2. Expert, personalised and cost-effective advice on how to manage and, if possible, avoid litigation
  3. Professional advice on the litigation and management of commercial disputes

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