What Does It Mean To Probate An Estate?


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If you are the executor of a will you may need to know what it means to probate an estateBelow, we explain what it means when something is in probate and how we can help you through the process. 

Carbone Lawyers has been delivering great outcomes for clients for over 30 years. We have a team of estate & probate experts experienced with all aspects of estates and will execution including asset-heavy and high-value estates. Below is information on what it means when a property is in probate to assist you with the process of executing a will.

What Does It Mean When Something Is In Probate?

A probate is required to register and validate a person’s will in order for their wishes to be carried out by an executor named in the will. The court issues a document confirming the will is valid, and also the appointment of the executor. 

What does it mean when something is in probate? It is the legal process being undertaken for an asset or assets included in an estate or will (e.g. property, superannuation) of a deceased person. Sometimes probate is required for assets that need a certified copy of the grant of probate from the Supreme Court in order to be released or for a title to be transferred. 

So what does it mean if a property is in probate? It means that the court is preparing documentation that will enable a property to be transferred or released as part of the will of a deceased person.

How We Can Help With Estate And Probate Matters

We understand that dealing with deceased estates can sometimes seem daunting and can also be emotionally charged if issues arise. Getting accurate advice and having experts that understand all the legalities of executing a will to guide you through the process, will make an already stressful and emotional time much easier. 

Our team of estate & probate experts will:

    • Ensure assets and entitlements of an estate, as stipulated under the Will, have been administered appropriately
    • Provide compassionate, cost-effective, personalised and efficient representation
    • Identify and harness practical approaches to dealing with any legal issues that may arise
    • Ensure you receive full and accurate legal information and advice

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