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If you have been left out of a will and want to find out more about your rights, the first step is to talk to an estate & probate lawyer as they will be able to advise you of your rights and the right process to take.

Carbone Lawyers has a team of estate & probate experts who are highly experienced and are driven to achieve the best outcome for all parties involved. Below, find out more about how we can help you if you are a sibling left out of a will or a child left out of a will. 

We have been delivering great outcomes for our clients for over 30 years. We work collaboratively with our clients and pride ourselves on providing cost-effective representation and being relentless in our pursuit of excellence. If you are a family member left out of a will and would like to find out what your rights are, here is how we can help.

Family Members Left Out Of Wills And Your Rights

If you are a family member left out of a will such as a sibling left out of a will or you’ve been left out of your parents will, it can be an emotional time in an already emotionally charged situation.

Issues such as being left out of inheritance can sometimes be complex, especially when it comes to asset-heavy and high-value estates. It is important to ensure you get correct legal advice so you know exactly what your rights are and the best course of action to take. Our team is always compassionate and will treat you like an equal. 

We believe it is important to really listen to our clients and work with them – we will always put your interests at the heart of what we do. We will ensure we get all the information we need so we can provide you with accurate, honest and complete legal information and advice if you are a child left out of a will. We understand that if you have been left out of your parent’s will, it can be a sensitive situation and we always take privacy and confidentiality seriously.

If you are a sibling left out of a will or you have been left out of your parents will, you will be in good hands – we strive to achieve the most ideal outcome by identifying and harnessing practical approaches that will drive your matter if you are considering challenging a will.

Can A Child Be Left Out Of A Will?

A child can be left out of a will however, the child (or anyone else deemed eligible) can make a claim on an estate under the ‘family provision claim’.

There are specific criteria that need to be met when making a family provision claim, so getting expert advice is crucial to ensure you know if you are eligible and how best to make the claim to ensure you get what you’re entitled to.

There are multiple factors that the court is required to consider if a family member is left out of a will and they are making a family provision claim – some of these factors include: 

    • The relationship between the child and the parent including the nature of the relationship
    • The nature and extent of the parent’s estate
    • The financial resources, earning capacity and present and future financial needs of the child
    • Whether any other person is liable to support the child
    • The character and conduct of the child (or any other person) before and after the death of their parent
    • Any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander customary laws that may be relevant

    There are other factors that the courts are required to consider – our team are across all these factors and are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to navigating these in court.

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