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When you’ve been injured, lodging claims and paperwork only makes things worse. At Carbone Lawyers, we manage the whole process so you can just focus on your recovery.

No Win, No Fee

Our no win, no fee policy means that most personal injury claims have no upfront fees.

If you have sustained an injury you may have more expenses as a result of the injury whilst also potentially losing some or all of your income, putting a strain on you financially – all in addition to coping with the pain and suffering caused. So is it then worth getting a personal injury lawyer?

There are many different schemes under which an injured person can claim. You may not be aware of all the compensation you’re entitled to, and it can also be a complex process that requires in-depth knowledge to navigate successfully. So it is worth it to hire a personal injury lawyer to ensure you have the skills, knowledge and peace of mind behind you to ensure the best possible outcome. Here is why it is worth getting a personal injury lawyer in a bit more detail: 

Why It Is Worth It To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

With a skilled personal injury lawyer, your claim will be handled with attention to detail and an understanding of compensation schemes that yield the best results – allowing you to fight for the maximum compensation.

Depending on the circumstances of your injury, a lawyer will be able to determine the best course of action to proceed with your claim. Our lawyers are adept at recognising from your account of events and the facts presented not only the strength of your potential claim but also the best course of action and the ideal timeline to ensure that you are compensated appropriately for your injury.

Compensation schemes such as WorkCover for workplace-related injuries and TAC claims for transport-accident-related injuries present the option of ‘fault’ and ‘no-fault’ compensation. This can be quite complex and confusing. Having a skilled lawyer will ensure you have a complete and accurate understanding of your entitlements and the relative benefits of taking one option over another.

Where seeking common law damages, a skilled lawyer will again ensure you maximise your claim and can assist you in all aspects of your common law claim including: 

  • Determining what party or parties bore the responsibility for preventing your foreseeable injury
  • Determining how to best establish liability of that party, and what should have been done
  • Establishing knowledge by the relevant party that an injury like yours would have been
    preventable on the part of the defendant had they taken reasonable preventative
  • Determining how to assess your injury, and what expert opinions are needed to
    establish your claim
  • Assessing the likelihood of success for your claim.

Other Types Of Personal Injury Claims

Outside of WorkCover and TAC, there are also other types of claims. Common types of claims include: 

  • Public liability – if you have been injured in a public place as a result of a third party’s negligence 
  • Hospital negligence – if you have sustained an injury under the care of a healthcare provider as a result of medical negligence (also referred to as medical malpractice)
  • Superannuation TPD/IP claims – lump-sum payments or other benefits from your Superannuation, TPD and Income Protection insurance policies if you can’t work because of a permanent injury or severe illness.

What Makes Us One Of The Best Personal Injury Law Firms?

Here are five reasons why we are one of the best personal injury law firms in Victoria: 

  1. We have the expertise and determination to fight for you to ensure you get the very best outcome 
  2. We have succeeded in more than 90% of our personal injury cases and recovered over $100 million for our clients
  3. We strive to nurture long-term relationships with our clients and take a holistic approach to your legal matters
  4. All lawyers at our plaintiff personal injury law firm provide accurate, honest and complete legal information and advice 
  5. We work collaboratively with you and provide passionate, personal, and cost-effective representation 

We are so confident that you can trust our knowledge, skills, and experience that we have a ‘no win, no fee’ promise. If you don’t win, we won’t charge you for professional costs and disbursements.

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