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Thousands of victims have come forward to share their stories of the abuse that was inflicted on them by people in trusted positions within religious and government institutions. However, despite these large numbers, it is estimated that as many as 60% of child abuse victims are still to come forward to share their stories. As a result of the abuse, many victims struggle to speak out or are trying desperately to forget what happened to them. Below, find out how an abuse lawyer can help victims get the compensation they deserve for their suffering with the experience and compassion these highly emotional and often confrontational circumstances require.

Carbone Lawyers has been delivering successful outcomes for clients for over 30 years. Our team of institutional abuse lawyers are here to fight the good fight, to ensure justice is served and to help victims get the compensation they are entitled to. Our team prides itself on conducting all legal matters with integrity, honesty and a deep sense of compassion for what people have gone through. When you have us on your side, you can trust that you have a team driven to achieve the very best outcome for you.

If you or someone you know is a victim of institutional abuse, here is how an abuse solicitor can help.

Institutional Abuse Lawyers

As abuse solicitors, we understand that it can take a lot to come forward and how important it is for victims to trust that they are in good hands and are really being heard. Our institutional abuse lawyers have the skills and experience to navigate the legal system and build a strong case on your behalf. Whilst legislation has been changed making it easier for survivors to claim damages, it can still be extremely daunting and emotional for victims. 

To ensure justice is served, your suffering is acknowledged and you receive financial compensation that can go some way towards helping to restore your life, abuse solicitors use their skills and expertise to: 

  • Assess your case to determine what compensation you may be entitled to (particularly important for those who may have been pressured by an institution to accept an insufficient settlement in the past and want their claim reassessed) 
  • Help gather evidence to support your case 
  • Build a strong case on your behalf
  • Ensure you are informed throughout the process and know what to expect 
  • Negotiate on your behalf to achieve a fair outcome

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