Estates & Probate.

We’ll Defend Your Best Interests and Strive to Reach the Most Ideal Outcome.

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Dealing with issues surrounding deceased estates can be highly complex and emotionally charged.

This is especially true when it comes to asset-heavy and high value estates.

If you require expert advice regarding probate law, the administration of an estate, or challenging a Will, Carbone Lawyers can assist you.

Compassionate, cost-effective, personalised, and efficient, Carbone Lawyers can provide advice and services that defend your best interests and strive to reach the most ideal outcome.

Trust Carbone Lawyers to guide you through this oftentimes stressful period. We identify and harness practical approaches to dealing with the legal issues that will drive your matter.

Executors and beneficiaries under a Will can contact Carbone Lawyers for advice when:

  • They have been left out of a Will
  • They are thinking of challenging a Will
  • They are responsible for probate and administration of a high-value estate
  • The assets and entitlements of an estate, as stipulated under the Will, have not been administered appropriately

For precise solutions to complex estate and probate issues, contact Carbone Lawyers today.