Marin Karlos

Marin Karlos is an Associate and Branch Manager of our office in Werribee, with expertise in all areas of Personal Injury Litigation.

Marin completed his Juris Doctor at RMIT University wherein he was awarded an Honorary Life Membership by the RMIT Law Students’ Society in recognition of his efforts and commitment to the development and excellence of advocacy.

In practice, Marin prides himself on his straightforward and diligent approach to litigation and case management and his ability to think outside the box.

With his passion for social justice and his extensive litigation experience, Marin relentlessly advances his client’s interests by formulating individualistic and catered legal strategies to maximise his client’s entitlements to Compensation.

Throughout his career, Marin has successfully negotiated countless claims for Weekly Payments, Serious Injury Certificates, and Common Law damages pay-outs. This includes previously rejected claims for compensation and Serious Injury Applications or claims.

Though he is highly skilled in negotiating and resolving disputes prior to Court, Marin is not afraid to take the insurer to task and keep them accountable; Marin has successfully run numerous Statutory Benefits, Serious injury, and damages matters in the Magistrates’, County and Supreme Courts of Victoria.

Marin regularly volunteers at the Fitzroy Legal Service and is an active member of the Australian Lawyers Alliance and the Law Institute of Victoria.