Contracted COVID at Work? You May Be Entitled to WorkCover

In 2020, Carbone Lawyers launched its brand new podcast “The Law Lab”.

The current Stage 4 restrictions in force in Victoria have placed the production of further video episodes on hold, however, in a new series of articles we will round up some of the highlights thus far.

This article looks at Episode 11 in which the team discussed Superannuation and Total & Permanent Disability Cover but kicked off the conversation with an important chat about Coronavirus and WorkCover.

Whilst there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel in Melbourne, it would be fair to say our great city is still in the grips of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

On Episode 11 of The Law Lab, the Carbone Lawyers team kicked off the episode with a look at some interesting cases of successful WorkCover claims from people who contracted COVID-19 whilst performing their duties of employment.

Lawyer Samantha Mercuri joined Head of Personal Injury John Karantzis and Managing Partner Tony Carbone to discuss the topic and said employees who have contracted the virus at work are entitled to make a claim.

“There have been a lot of accepted WorkCover claims,” Ms Mercuri said. 

“People need to definitely bear in mind that they’ve got an entitlement to claim through the WorkCover scheme, particularly if they have any injuries or illness arising from COVID-19.”

Mr Karantzis went on to say; “Basically, anyone that catches COVID-19 in the course of work, that’s a WorkCover claim and you should come and see us and we’ll help you with your claim”.

Equally important, however, as Mr Carbone noted, was the need for those who have contracted the virus or are symptomatic to get tested and self-isolate.

“You’ve got a lot of people out there that when they’ve got the virus, they should be self-isolating [but are not]. If you recall, we had that case of a couple who came back from a ski lodge in America [with the virus].

“They went to a cocktail party for their school and they infected people … and they’ve been sued.

“So employers can be sued and you as an individual can be sued if you know or should have known that you’ve got the virus and should be self-isolating.”

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